About Us


The ASAKYF is a non-political, amateur organisation: Its sole objective being to promote and encourage the knowledge and the practice of Kyudo in South Africa. Ensuring Kyudo can be practiced by any nationality, race, religion, sex or any other differences.

The ASAKYF is to serve as the supreme governing body in all matters pertaining to amateur Kyudo (The Martial Art of Japanese Archery) in the Republic of South Africa and any other regional territory which through affiliation becomes a member under jurisdiction of the ASAKYF.

Through Kyudo as apart of Traditional Japanese culture, the ASAKYF shall endeavor to promote the forming of character through the pursuit of the highest ideals of Kyudo (Shin (truth), Zen (goodness), Bi (beauty) and to contribute to trust and friendship among its members.

The ASAKYF shall be charged with the following activities:

1. To strengthen the bonds of friendship between its members and Kyudo practitioners throughout the world,

2. The promotion and development of Kyudo in South Africa, the fostering of mutual trust, friendship and respect among its members and the active encouragement of international links and tours.

3. Actively promote Kyudo through development and promotional programs in order to contribute to the moral and physical well being of all communities in the Republic of South Africa.

4. To Organize or host seminars, workshops and demonstrations led by representatives of the ASAKYF or IKYF (International Kyudo Federation).

5. Keep records of all graded and non-graded Kyudo practitioners and groups or Dojo in the Republic of South Africa or any regional territory which through affiliation becomes a member under the jurisdiction of the ASAKYF.

6. Co-ordinate and disseminate information received from the IKYF (International Kyudo Federation) between our members. Show Evidence of ANKF practice if necessary.

7. Advise and assist in the setting up of clubs and dojo and ensuring their proper registration.

8. To assist in procuring equipment and literature.

9. To exchange information and publish newsletters. To organize visits by international teams or practitioners.

10. To assist individuals when justified, to visit internationally for training and grading.

11. The ASAKYF shall have sole right and authority in deciding on the selection of Kyudo archers for international Kyudo competitions and in recommending, to the South African Colours Board, the awarding of Protea Colours to such competitors, their manager and / or coach.

12. To organize and monitor national trials and competitions. Organize national international/ regional Grading's/competitions under IKYF rules.

13. Adopt, interpret and enforce Rules and By-Laws governing the sport of Archery in the Republic of South Africa and other affiliated territories.

14. Protect and safeguard all material assets belonging to the ASAKYF and ensure that these assets are properly maintained in good working order.

15. Arrange for the collection of dues, fees and other monetary contributions, as decided on in the bylaws, to assist the ASAKYF in its financial obligations and to utilize its available funds in order to achieve its aims. Endeavor at all times to preserve and maintain the tightest standard of sportsmanship in our relations with other sportsmen irrespective of their country, gender, person, race, religion or political affiliations.